Friday, December 14, 2007

Would you like your reciept?

How much do you spend on coffee, fast food, or that honey bun that caught your eye at the gas station? Most likely, you're exactly like me and have no idea. Wasabe has been a great (and FREE!) tool for managing daily spending, on December 8th they announced a new branch of their product on the Wheaties For Your Wallet blog, Wasabe Mobile.

"Today we’re happy to announce Wesabe Mobile, a cell-phone accessible version of Wesabe that lets you check your balances, see recent transactions, and enter cash transactions from any cell phone or PDA web browser. To check it out, fire up your cell phone browser and point it to"

I personally have been waiting for a product like this for quite some time. Finally a way to ditch that wad of receipts I usually collect during my daily journey across Augusta. All i have to do is punch in the transaction amount and a quick description and the mobile app. will send it to my wasabe account at home...brilliant!

So, if your pockets look like mine by the end of the day,

Wasabe might be just the ticket.

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