Monday, December 10, 2007

The start of something new!

Well, this is my first post on the blog. I want to talk about my plan for this blog and the accompanying Myspace and Facebook pages. The Loop is my idea for a place to have active discussions about whats going on in the financial world, here at the credit union, and life in general. I'll be here to rant about Credit Union Magazine articles and national announcements, but I really want to hear what you all have to say. This Isn't about me or MSCU, its about "us". This is about Ending Hunger in Maine, building a community, educating the masses, and listening to what people my age (dubbed "that whole Myspace generation" by my bosses) have to say about the way things work around here. So, i look forward to ranting about many issues to come and hearing you all rant back, don't be shy now, let it out! I'm looking forward to hearing all your points of view and hopefully to bouncing some ideas back and forth. And if you happen to feel compelled to contribute to a cause, I've got a few Ending Hunger events (i promise they don't involve walking) in the works that I'll let you all know about in the near future. Welcome to The Loop!

Oh, funny side story...just before it snowed last week, my roof started leaking. I went to get the blender out of the cupboard and found it mostly filled with nasty yellow/orange rain water...awesome, but at least it all ended up in the blender instead of all over my kitchen floor or dishes. The landlord "couldn't find a good quote" on roofing, so she was going to "tarp it"...and nobody wants the blue tarp on their roof for a winter! I mean come on, I'm giving you 500+ dollars of my hard earned cash every month and you don't want to spend enough to have a reliable roof put over your tenant's head? So, after much complaining she finally got a company to come do the now i have a giant banner with a large picture of Betty Boop and the slogan "we strip and lay daily" flapping gently in the wind outside my window, but i suppose it beats the big blue alternative.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, terrific that you've started this blog! And great that your landlord is giving you free art while your roof is being fixed! Bonus! ;)