Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Andy Janning AVP of Training and Quality Service at the 2008 Partnership Symposium

Andy just gave an interesting session on how to fire up your trainers.

The major points were:

Most trainers are constantly worried about "their place at the table". They should be worried about everybody else's place at the table. It is their job to change behavior to increase the performance of other employees.

Who's place do you really care about?

Are you looking at the smile sheet or the balance sheet? Trainers shouldn't be concerned about whether or not people liked their training sessions, but rather, what measurable effect the session has on employee behavior.

A good trainer is an agent of change. They are focused on helping reach goals. They measure how their training changes the behavior of employees.

Knowledge isn't power, performance is.
what you know doesn't get you a promotion, how you perform does. Training needs to be focused on performance changes rather than a deluge of information.


Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

Andy is so inspirational. Obviously a guy that "gets it". Extremely impressive presentation - no wonder Forum has such a great staff.

Andy Janning said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Matt, and an even bigger thanks for the great session summaries!!

Andy said...


Andy is the man, kept my attention even without slides to satiate my ADD tendencies. Forum has a huge asset in him and his ability and passion for training.


Hey thanks for commenting here. I hope I did your session justice. I really enjoyed it.

Andy Janning said...

Andy, the compliment you paid me on your blog after the 2008 FS Symposium has inspired me to start my own blog and website at the oh-so-creatively named You're welcome to pay a visit anytime, and share any comments and feedback.

Cheers, my friend!