Friday, February 22, 2008

Questions for the Weekend

adviceThe member experience is more important now than ever before. With the rise of social networks and instant communication, people pass knowledge and opinions faster than ever before. What people say about you, and how they view your institution can make a larger impact on growth than was ever thought possible.

So, I'd like to put forward a quick list of questions to ask yourself over the weekend (don't think about it too hard, I mean come on, its the weekend).

Do your members love you?

When they enter the branch, do they feel like they are visiting family, or like they are a faceless number?

Do your products add value to their life?

If your credit union disappeared would people be upset, or move on to someplace else without looking back?

Is your lobby someplace people are comfortable, or are they only there because they have to be?

Do prospective members feel like they are being helped, or tricked?

When a member walks out of the branch, do they feel like they have been helped, or merely serviced?

If you answered negatively on any of these, what could you do to change it?


Ginny Brady said...

Hey Andy, I think I'll take your questions to our next UFirst board meeting. They provide a first step to strategic planning.

Andy said...

Thanks Ginny, Thats great. Glad I could help!

Mike Templeton said...

Question #4 reminds me of a Twitter conversation a month or so ago. CUfreakout, anyone? :)

These are some good questions for CUs to think about, Andy. Nice work.

Andy said...

Thanks Mike,

I do recall the CUfreakout conversation. Its actually what prompted the inclusion of that question. I still wonder if somebody could pull off a Whopper Freakout style ad with CU's.